Bassins de Lumières à Bordeaux

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Bassins de Lumières à Bordeaux

Bassins de Lumières, great activity near our hotel in Carbon Blanc

The Bassins de Lumières: a unique experience

The largest digital art centre in the world, the Bassins de Lumières in Bordeaux offer an extraordinary visual and sound experience dedicated to the great artists of art history and contemporary creation. The digital exhibitions are remarkably well suited to the monumental architecture of this former submarine base and are majestically reflected in the water of its four immense basins. In this unique and unusual setting, the immersive show is breathtaking. We can only recommend you to live this experience during your stay at the hotel.

Found at: The Bassins de Lumières are at 15 minutes drive from ACE Hotel Bordeaux Carbon-Blanc

Les Bassins de Lumières
Impasse Brown de Colstoun
33 300 Bordeaux