The Cite du Vin in Bordeaux

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The Cite du Vin in Bordeaux

La Cite du vin, great activity near our hotel in Carbon blanc

La Cite du Vin in Bordeaux: a unique experience

Dedicated to wine as a cultural and universal heritage, the Cité du Vin, located near the hotel, offers a journey around the world, through the ages, in all cultures and civilisations.

Situated on the banks of the Garonne, the Cité du Vin is an extraordinary place, unique in France. It tells the story of the soul of wine in all its facets: sacred wine, wine of sharing, wine of union between peoples, mythological wine... this cultural journey is exceptional.
Do not miss it.

Found at : The wine city is only 9 kilometres by car from ACE Hôtel Carbon Blanc via the A630 through Lormont and the Pont d'Aquitaine

La cité du vin
134 Quai de Bacalan
33300 Bordeaux